Forth Workshops with Dr.Elena Loboda


San Francisco


May 5 – 8th,  2019


Retrieve Fullness of the Soul


With Meditative Recapitulation and Purification Practices and special herbal organic tea (optional Fasting).


May 5, Sunday, from 11am to 6pm.



Let us awaken ancient knowledge of the Pure Soul - alive conscious energy of Self Essence. Purity of Soul cans return us to the fresh, clear, joyful perception of the world and expands consciousness. Human soul, awakened from mirages and hypnosis of society, reveals all its talents, all its best qualities. Interacting with the body, the Pure Soul heals and cleans it and opens the possibility of deep transformation of the body up to the restructuring of DNA.


Optional Fasting: The stress-filled lifestyle of modern civilization has impacted our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. We are challenged to make a quantum leap in our consciousness by "detoxifying' on all those levels. The best practice for it is Transformational Fasting. It allows one to break away from the habitual pattern of getting energy solely from food and open to the possibility for direct absorption of the Natural Elements' Energy. Through fasting the body becomes a portal to enter higher states of consciousness and connect to divine frequencies.


Dr.Elena Loboda is a wisdom keeper of the ancient Veddik tradition of Northern Lineages of Arctic Gaia. An M.S. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Biology in the field of Brain Neurochemistry, Dr. Loboda synthesizes her scientific knowledge with extensive studies in Buddhist, Hindu, Bon and Yogic traditions at monasteries and ashrams in the Himalayas and Tibet. She has also trained with Siberian shamans, Taoist and Sufi masters. Dr. Loboda has conducted independent research on the ancient knowledge of Hyperborean Lineages in Russia and the Native American heritage.




Payment for the workshop $130.

For more information and registration - 415 285 9552 (Jamie) &  or



Consciousness Transformation in Ancient Siberian Practices

 and 5 Universal Elements.


May 6, Monday, from 7pm to 9:30pm.



In Siberian Lineages, as in many ancients’ traditions, the five elements are considered sacred, the underlying forces of existence. The practitioners of Northern Traditions use the gates that exist in the human energy system and journey through them to the inner cosmos by entering several levels of emotions, energy and consciousness. These levels connect to Universal elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.


 The wisdom-keeper Dr. Elena Loboda communicates with Forces of 5 Elements by using a Science of Images encompassing Vibration, Space and Time, activating the healing frequencies and consciousness on three levels: body, energy and mind. As we are now going through rapid and profound changes, this ancient knowledge is needed to harmonize our lives with the cosmic order.


 Practices to restore and balance these five basic elements are used to purify, heal and transform the entire multi-dimensional human organism: body-energy-mind, and all that which affects life circumstances.




Payment for the workshop $35


Transforming negative emotions into blessings.

The two wings of highest consciousness.

May 7, Tuesday, from 7pm to 9:30pm.



The heritage of Arktida holds practices which awaken deep wisdom and inner goodness. Now in this time of deep and fast changes in nature and society, that ancient knowledge will help people to open an inner source to transform themselves, minimize conflict and suffering, maximize their good qualities, and harmonize their lives with the cosmic order.


“Not knowing how to work with emotions means one is controlled by emotions. Knowing how to work with emotions means that emotions are brought into awareness....” T.W.



In this workshop, participants will use the human body and energetic structure as a holographic map for traveling in the realm of emotions. Participants will learn (1) to identify the source of dysfunctional or pathological energetic and emotional patterns, and (2) techniques to transform and balance those patterns.

Our attention will focus on negative emotional vortexes, which cause much disease, illness, and unfortunate life circumstances. By using specific ancient practices -- specialized breathing and sound exercises, sacred meditation, visualization, recapitulation and energy work -- participants will learn how to work with the conceptual-karmic root of negative emotions and habitual patterns, how to find and dissolve the vortexes at the core of these patterns.




Payment for the workshop $35



Receiving the Silent Wisdom of the Heart

May 8, Wednesday, from 7pm to 9:30pm.



From the ancient, legendary times to the modern day of vulgar materialism, the knowledge of Heart Wisdom became almost extinct. This Wisdom is not a rationalism of our linear mind. It cannot be explained like any other type of thinking. This wisdom is beyond words, mind created ideals, conclusions, and even emotions. This Silent Primordial wisdom comes to our physical heart directly from the Great Mother of Everything.


The Hyperborean tradition of Northern Lineages has kept the secret knowledge about the significance of physical human heart as a sacred portal-channel.   It is through our heart that we can receive the highest level of Divine Love, the Clear Light of Pure Presence.  The time has come to make this knowledge available to you.


The priority and foundation of the Hyperborean spiritual passcode of self-development lay in the state of the glowing Solar Heart.


We are going to practice the master key of the Heart - the method to open the Heart-Wisdom channel in order to connect with Primordial Energy of the Great Mother.  By connecting with the Heart-Wisdom channel, a participant will be able to find the hidden cause and true purpose of diseases, tragic events, or challenges, and discover the inner source for purification, healing and transformation of Self to live authentic lives.




Payment for the workshop $35


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