Perhaps there is no period in human history when people would not have used starvation for recovery. Virtually all the written sources of all peoples regardless of religion, territory of residence, race, there is mention of fasting. All of this suggests that this method has shown its effectiveness for centuries. At all times it was used by doctors, philosophers and priests. In ancient Egypt, in ancient India and Greece dosed starvation was used as for a curative and preventive purposes, as to strengthen the spirit...



It may sound like a Biblical story or a story from a life of a saint who lived in ancient times but this 40 day Fasting has happened very recently in the beginning of year 2011 in Los Angeles, CA.


Incredible people walk on Earth and nobody notice them because they look so ordinary. But they carry a message useful to everybody – the message about magical power hidden in human body, the power to heal itself without pills and surgeries...



Website: Jasmuheen - an Australia-based proponent of "pranic nourishment" or breatharianism, defined as the practice of living without food or fluid of any sort.


Book: Michael Werner "Life from Light" - '[What] can only be ignored with difficulty is the phenomenon itself, for it is crying out to be noticed. One wonders why mainstream science has paid so little attention to it...' - Harald Walach, Research Professor of Psychology, University of Northampton, and Director of the European Office of the Samueli Institute 'What Michael Werner wants is to demonstrate that the generally held view of the world being solely physical and solid cannot be the whole story' - Neue Luzerner Zeitung


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