Expedition to sacred sites and places of power of Buryatia (Russia) and Mongolia from Lake Baikal to Lake Khövsgöl with Dr.Elena Loboda

August 1 - 23, 2014


The approximate cost of the trip is $4190. Non-refundable deposit of $1700 should be paid by June 15, 2014.

Air-tickets are not included.


For registration:


Olga +1-347-276-4114, omachulina1@gmail.com;

Lena +1-917-400-6336, elena_nktn@yahoo.com



Our expedition will go to places of ancient civilization, which occupied the territory of the Putorana Plateau in Siberia, reach south to Lake Baikal and to the Gobi and Taklamakan desert. The expedition starts on the sacred Lake Baikal, the largest lake in the world, occupying the deepest cleft of the earth. And will continue through the mountains, deserts and lakes of modern Mongolia. Our goal is to visit and practice on the natural and structured by ancestors the places of Power; and the contemplation and filling energies of beautiful, primordial wildlife, which preserved its purity. Bowing to lake Baikal from Ulan-Ude are we going to Ulan-Bator. We will visit ancient and modern Buddhist temples, museums, memorial Genghis Khan. We will experience the energy of the sacred places of Power: Manzushir, Ardzhapana, Aizh Haad Mother stone. In the Eastern Gobi: Мooм оbоо (chest)-the place of fulfilment of desires of women; temple - Khamryn Kheed and «Shambalyn Oron» (Shambhala) - the most powerful energy centers in Mongolia and the world. There are 108 stupas-Suburgan. We will visit the cave for meditation in which the great lamas secluded themselves for 108 days. Near there is a mountain slope with unusual magnetic power, touch to it heals sickness; petrified 60 million years old trees. Farther Haanbayanzurh - Mountain of fulfillment of desires. We will visit the «Chingisiyn Khuree» upon the holy mountain Bogdo Khan. 3 other mountains protect Ulan-Bator from all sides, forming a mandala of protection.



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